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Our Services

Independent Business Reviews

We can offer you our independent opinion about your business’s viability. The scope includes:

  • a clear diagnostic review of the company’s financial performance in the past few years.
  • the company’s strategic fit with key trends in the industry and the wider economic environment.
  • an analysis of the company’s business plan as well as its short, medium and long term cash requirements.
  • a review of existing guarantees and funding options available.

Working capital management

We can help you fully manage your company’s cash-flows by optimising its working capital cycle and establishing a cash protection culture throughout the organisation. We can do this by:

  • preparing short, medium and long term cash flow forecasts to identify cash requirements.
  • reviewing the suitability of short term funding with the business’ growth needs.
  • developing specific action plans to increase the company’s cash generation capacity: saving measures, reviewing payment and collection policies, in-house banking, structuring inter-company transactions, etc.
  • closely monitoring the company’s cash position and controlling potential slippages.
  • establishing banking relationships, arrangement of funds for working capital requirements, providing of security for working capital finance.

End-to-end supply chain management

Our specialist supply chain professionals will work with you to optimise your supply chains and develop holistic end-to-end supply chains that integrate the entire revenue and expense streams. We achieve this by: 

  • profile spend (category/material/service specific historic spend per country, division and supplier)
  • develop Total Cost of Ownership, value chain and value stream analysis to understand cost components and areas of waste
  • analyze cost drivers and consumption patterns of product/services 
  • conduct analysis of internal and external constraints
  • conduct market analysis (key supply markets and suppliers – global/regional/local)
  • review industry dynamics and market trends
  • conduct SWOT analysis 
  • define sourcing strategy and key levers

Business rescue

We help stabilise companies in distress by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organizational and financial change in such a way that either maximises the likelihood of the company continuing in existence on a solvent basis or results in a better return for the creditors or shareholders of the company than would ordinarily result from the liquidation of the company.

Structuring, negotiating and securing new funding

We can help you fund your business projects by maximising your funding opportunities as part of an agile and efficient process. We do this by:

  • assessing the company’s financial health and understanding their specific funding needs.
  • evaluating their funding choices and selecting the best strategy for them.
  • preparing a detailed, descriptive logbook about the company and its ties with the relevant funding parties.
  • negotiating funding proposals and working with the management team all the way up to completion.

Refinancing advisory services

The purpose of a refinancing process is to achieve an optimum financial structure to ensure the business is sustainable. We will help you by: 

  • preparing a detailed financial, strategic and operational analysis of the company.
  • preparing a debt map for the company, including a review of all its funding contracts and guarantees granted.
  • assessing the funding structure that best meets the company’s cash flow needs.
  • negotiating with creditors to secure a refinancing agreement and, if applicable, to select new funding alternatives.